Recently, Mr. Liu saw a decoration company give a low price of 100 square meters as long as 50,000 yuan decoration budget, then signed a contract. During the construction process, it was informed that the actual calculation of hydropower reform had increased by 5,000 to 6,000 yuan; the wardrobe was upgraded, and the number of doors was increased by 2,000 yuan; the ceiling was made of some simple shapes and money was added. “Before and after, there are more than 10,000 items added.” We have seen many of these cases. What caused our budget for decoration to overrun?

Do not easily agree to add items

In the construction process, because the design is not in place or the construction process fails to meet the requirements, frequent rework occurs, resulting in double waste of materials and labor. This is a large black hole in the decoration. There are often some customers who are dissatisfied with the original expected paint is still a barrel, the board also needs to replenish, tile a corner of a bunch of cutting edge material and so on. This is just a visible situation. This situation can play a role through monitoring and communication. However, in some cases, such as the timely calculation of water and electricity, you will feel that the increase in the cost of water and electricity will make you helpless. It looks like there is a The increase in the cost of reasonable reasons is actually one of the means to refurbish the budget quotation.

But for rework and repetitive labor, one is material waste, and the other is the increase in labor costs. For example, the rationality of the line will bring about a direct change in the cost of manual grooving, line pipe, and wire.

Communicate with the provincial renovation budget in advance

Workers in the ceiling installation downlight openings, whether in advance and the owner ditch through the aperture size? Did you use your balcony brick as a concealed brick when laying tiles? Some of the problems that may arise due to changes due to changes in the actual situation are solved in advance, rather than being asked to construct with you before almost completed. At this time, it seems that the problem is caused by some of your own decisions and poor communication. In fact, as a responsible construction team, the experience on some issues is very rich. Many problems can be communicated with the owners in advance to avoid problems.

Is not enough material is a waste?

Wrong, sometimes there will be excess material, this may be the original expected error, but there are also workers caused by laziness, although it is now saving the use of materials, but a few years later the emergence of some problems, late to make up for the cost, It will exceed the cost of regulating construction during the renovation. For example, the original needs of 6 barrels of paint, and finally more than a bucket of paint, I went to just say the reasons, it is likely that workers for the construction of convenient, more water, resulting in the excess material, and even less paint again paint, This of course will be superfluous material, in fact, this is also an overrun for the decoration budget.

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