The steel structure canopy is built between two buildings and can be used to connect two buildings as aisle canopy or above the entrance canopy or the top balcony of the building to prevent falling objects at high altitude. Falling. What are the precautions for making steel canopies?

Steel canopy production notes

1. The selection of steel canopy profiles complies with national regulations.

2. The construction equipment used for installing the steel canopy must be strictly inspected before use.

3, profile surface can be used oxidation, electrophoresis, electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon spray, thermal transfer wood grain.

4. When welding on the spot, add a fire bucket below the weldment.

5. Steel structure anchorage is the main technical problem in the construction of the canopy of the steel structure at the door.

6, construction workers equipped with necessary labor protection supplies to prevent people and objects falling. To prevent the sealing material from being poisoned by solvents during the project, and to keep the solvent in case of fire.

7. Set up full-time security staff to supervise and conduct inspections.

Types of steel canopies

1. Steel structure canopy

The top of the steel glass canopy is tempered glass or laminated safety glass, both of which are safety glass.

2, steel structure aluminum canopy

Steel aluminum canopy main dragon skeleton with steel structure, the top of the use of aluminum, aluminum canopy strengths: aluminum alloy permanent rust, no deformation, but also do not have to worry about falling objects falling from high altitude aluminum canopy, Steel structure aluminum canopy is the most cost-effective, the longest life canopy, suitable for airports, banks, large supermarkets, government projects, campuses, hotels, villas can be.

3, steel structure PC board canopy PC

Board canopy can be divided (endurance board canopy, sun board canopy) This rain feature is light and has a warranty can reach more than ten years, especially suitable for greenhouses, vegetable sheds, when it rains, the sound is noisy, this That is one of his major drawbacks.

Causes and maintenance of leaking rain from steel canopy

In general, there are two major factors in the leakage of steel structure canopies. One is caused by man-made reasons. This can be avoided during construction. The second is caused by the characteristics of the material itself. Generally, it cannot be avoided. Only Do maintenance afterwards.

As far as human factors are concerned, the rain leakage from the steel canopy is nothing but design irrational. The construction and installation are not standardized, and the construction personnel are not careful in their operation. The unreasonable design is mainly manifested in, for example, the roof winding is too large or the slope is too slow, the water flow is slow, the water accumulation is caused, the diameter of the downpipe is not satisfied, the panel is not properly selected, the edge is collected, and the design of the gutter node is unreasonable; in terms of construction and installation , Improper seam handling, inadequate joints, inadequate waterproof material, loose glue at the edges, and inadvertent installation of screws can lead to rain leakage from the canopy.

There is a hidden danger of water leakage caused by material properties, such as the thermal conductivity of the metal plate itself, when the external temperature changes significantly, due to large changes in the ambient temperature, due to temperature changes caused by the material shrinkage and deformation at the interface to produce greater displacement, Hidden leaks occur; steel structure system, because the structure itself in the temperature changes, under the influence of wind load, snow load and other external forces, the elastic deformation is easy to occur, resulting in displacement at the connection site and generate hidden leaks.

In order to solve the rain leakage situation of the steel structure canopy, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors such as roof slope, plate type, etc. in the design process in order to obtain the best solution; in the construction process, strictly abide by the construction specifications and be careful Seriously, reduce roof cracks; fully consider the climate characteristics of the area in which the building is located, use waterproof measures and materials suitable for the area, and according to the characteristics of the material, it can be further covered with a layer of strong adhesion, good followability, and weather resistance. Good sealing tape, as a supporting waterproof material for metal roof panels.

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