Entering the test production line of Detta Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., a “sturdy” white pickup immediately came into view, reinforced the chassis, the liquid crystal control panel embedded in the special steel reed, and the explosion-proof electro-hydraulic control to replace the engine shelter. System, ordinary appearance combined with "heavy machine" high-tech pure electric and explosion-proof technical connotation, this is the world's first pure electric explosion-proof car born in Shenzhen.

The Detta S-6 is the name of the car. Just a few days ago, it received a major project certificate for 2012. Several workers are testing explosion-proof video systems, sensor systems, and electro-hydraulic control systems around it. The reporter saw that the LCD panel set on a blue-gray iron shovel clearly showed the environmental impact of the vehicle. A person in charge said that the liquid crystal display system of a civilian vehicle is about a few kilograms. The panel “was worn” with a heavy caterpillar and a special steel texture that was unique in the world.

It seems ordinary, but like this explosion-proof LCD panel, Detta pure electric explosion-proof car is the crystallization of independent intellectual property rights. The person in charge pointed to a unique assembly of spare parts on the assembly line, saying that we have applied for 4 invention patents and have been granted two; 29 utility model patents have been approved, 16 approved, and more than one hundred patents are under review . At the same time, S-6 is in the National Safety Standard Center for explosion-proof license and mining product safety mark certificate.

This represents the product of the latest electric car in the world and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It is based on the unyielding conversation and transformation and upgrading of the enterprise more than three years ago.

“One day three years ago, when a senior customer at a major customer chatted with us, since we could replace the solenoid valve with an imported one, we could not make our own product in the electric explosion-proof vehicle.” Considering the national energy strategy and With the support of electric vehicles and the replacement needs of the explosion-proof vehicle market, the company’s heads immediately realized that this segmented area has a huge market of tens of billions of dollars. As a result, Deta Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. was established quickly and the explosion-proof electric vehicle R&D project was immediately launched. The company continues to introduce technical talents in the field of domestic electric vehicles. Within three years, it invested tens of millions of yuan in R&D expenses. It has made its own way in the field of motors, electric control, explosion-proof, brakes, axles, and safety systems. This is the S-6 of Dacheng's own technology.

With the advent of Deta explosion-proof pure electric vehicles, Shenzhen's new energy automotive industry has been involved in various fields such as public transportation, private cars, and special equipment. The degree of industrial chain perfection ranks first in the country. Wuzhoulong Company is mainly engaged in new energy buses and China and Pakistan. Nearly half of new energy buses operating on Shenzhen Road are from the company. At present, the company is expanding into overseas markets and batteries; BYD is favored by Warren Buffett for "iron battery" technology. 500 The e6 pure electric taxi speeds through the streets of Shenzhen, and the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, Uruguay and other countries and regions have thrown olive branches to the BYD K9 pure electric bus.

According to some experts, BYD and Wuzhoulong are all leading and leading the market in their respective markets. Deta's entry into the field of special equipment will further enrich Shenzhen's pure electric vehicle industry chain and fill domestic and international gaps. The rise of the enterprise has driven the progress of the city. With 3,050 vehicles, Shenzhen, which has become the first city to popularize and promote new energy vehicles in China, is rapidly becoming the industrialization center of domestic new energy vehicles.

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