Sanqiao Synchronous Valve Sales Company is mainly engaged in the wholesale and sales of Kangjian Brake Valves. Shandong Kangjian Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of automobile brake systems. Detailed consultation with the company's fully automatic stepless variable pressure emergency relay valve products has won 14 national utility model patents and 2 invention patents, and has been tested by the National Motor Vehicle Quality Testing Center (Chongqing).

China Hardware Business Network This product can reduce the vehicle's no-load braking distance by more than 30%, the heavy-duty braking distance by more than 10%, and the tire usage mileage by 40%-90%, which greatly saves the transportation cost of the car. The company has always adhered to science and technology as the guide, intensified technological transformation, further improved the production process, continuously improved the technological content of products, and improved product quality and market competitiveness. The product was well received by WABCO (Jiangsu Heavy Duty Truck Brake System Engineer Jiang Tiejun), and Jiang Tiejun engineer made a special trip to Liangshan to visit and exchange. The product has also won the trust of many technical authorities, industry insiders and users, and has formed a certain brand influence in the auto parts market. Sales: three bridge synchronous valve, brake valve, brake king brake valve, soft brake king relay valve, double piston brake valve, trailer brake valve, emergency relay valve, automobile brake valve machinery ABS three bridge synchronous relay valve, three Bridge Synchronous Valve Semi-trailer brake system parts, ABS anti-lock brake system, brake pads, brake air pipe, U-shaped wire clips and other auto parts. Semi-trailer three-bridge synchronous valve, mainly facing the more and more on the market, the brake components developed for the three-axle semi-trailer for long-distance transportation, the braking performance, synchronization and safety of the three-bridge semi-trailer There is a qualitative improvement, which can be said to lead a revolution in the Chinese semi-trailer brake system. Semi-trailer three-bridge synchronous valve, first-generation mechanical ABS three-bridge synchronous emergency relay valve, second-generation mechanical ABS three-bridge synchronous emergency relay valve, three-generation mechanical ABS three-bridge synchronous emergency relay valve, four-generation mechanical ABS synchronous valve . Light car light brake, heavy car heavy brake. Light duty soft brake, heavy duty brake
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