If you have a photo, you will make a photo frame and put it anywhere in your home, but everything is feng shui. Even the photo is related to Feng Shui. Xiao Bian reminds everyone. The feng shui is very particular about the photos. So what should you pay attention to when placing photos in Feng Shui? Then everyone will follow the Xiaobian to see the relevant content of the feng shui .


First, what are the photos of Feng Shui?

1. Everyday photos are placed in a feng shui one: placed on the left

The photo should be placed on the left side of the bed. Because the wind and water have the saying "Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger", the white tiger on the right is a fierce position, it is not appropriate to place photos. If you put a photo on the right side, it may destroy the feng shui of the photo, and the result may be that the human fortune becomes very bad. So the photo is best placed on the left side of the bed, so it will be more suitable in the wind and water.

2. The daily photo shows the feng shui pay attention to the second: not at the door

The photo is not suitable for the door. In the feng shui, the orientation of the door is relatively easy and easy to get suffocating. If the placed photo is facing the door, the feng shui of the photo will be damaged, and the magnetic field of the photo will be deteriorated. Putting a photo is actually the same as a human fortune. When the feng shui of the photo is affected, the human fortune will become less. Therefore, it is best to keep the photo from the position that the door is facing.

3. The daily photo shows the feng shui to pay attention to the three: placing the shape

Since there are feng shui in the photo, if you want to place a photo wall in your home, the shape of the photo wall is also related to feng shui. In the feng shui point of view, the square is earthy, positive, round is water, negative, more positive in the home is better. Therefore, the photo wall in the home is best placed in a square shape, so that the qi of the photo wall can be used to make the gas field in the home better.

Second, the photo placed taboo taboo

1. Wedding photo & family portrait

a. The family of the hustle and bustle usually has a family photo or wedding photo, and there is no basic family.

b. Putting a wedding photo or a couple's photo in the northwest will show that men love women more.


c. Putting a wedding photo or a couple's photo in the southwest will show that women love men a little more.

d. The wedding photo or photo can not be photographed by the mirror, otherwise the marriage will not be smooth.

e. Wedding photos hang on the bed, help to improve the marital relationship; hanging across the bed, then the couple often entangled with money (also refers to the good side).

f. The wedding photo is placed on the bedside table. It is recommended to be placed on the left side. The left side belongs to the Qinglong position and the right side belongs to the white tiger position.

Third, women's photos or posters

a. If there are other women's photos or posters in the northwest, the chances of men committing peach blossoms are higher.

b. If there are photos or posters of other women in the southwest, women have the probability of becoming "comrades."

How about, I read the wonderful introduction to the feng shui on the photo. Did you understand a lot of photos related to Feng Shui? I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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