1. Selection of resistant varieties, suitable seeding of non-toxic seeds is the key to prevention and control. Seeding with new high-fat membrane before planting can keep warm, moisturize and swell, improve seed germination rate and make seedlings strong. Repel underground pests and isolate viral infections. It can also be mixed with a seed coating.

2, timely treatment of mites and planthoppers, reduce the transmission of mediators, prevent and reduce the virus infection. When the medicinal agent is used, it is necessary to select a highly targeted medicinal agent, and use it together with a new high-fat film to improve the control effect and reduce the amount of the pesticide .

3. Strengthen cultivation management: rationally close planting, apply sufficient organic fertilizer, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, make the soil loose and fertile, promote plant growth and reduce disease; in the early stage of the disease, the diseased plants should be removed and destroyed in the field; Weeds reduce the source of the virus. Remove the diseased body in time after harvest, deepen the soil, and accelerate the decomposition of the diseased body.

4, chemical control: the beginning of the disease began to spray a new high-lipid film to form a layer of polymer membrane protection, depending on the development of the disease, spray every 7 to 10 days, once every 1 to 3 times. If the condition worsens, use a new high-fat film in combination with a highly targeted agent.

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