Although the world economy is affected by many factors, the ITMA exhibition in Barcelona is still extremely hot. The exhibition hall has expanded and expanded, especially in the fiber and yarn exhibition halls. There are as many exhibitors and the exhibits are unprecedented.

German carbon fiber reinforced composite material unique German fiber composite giant Lamylux (Lamilux Heinrich Strunz) this time in Barcelona ITMA recently introduced a carbon fiber reinforced polyester production technology, called it CFRP. This new technology sheet has a width of 3.2 meters and a thickness of 1.0 to 5.0 millimeters. This CFRP sheet is known as the most attractive product. Its high quality and low price. Because, it not only has the characteristics of low weight, but also has the characteristics of high stability. The low thermal conductivity of this material makes it the best thermal insulation material, especially for refrigeration cars and freezers. Lamy Road is gradually becoming the emerging nucleus in the production of high-quality composite materials for lightweight construction.

Lamy Road has specially developed a new epoxy resin for this new type of high-strength composite material. It ensures the tight interconnection between the carbon fiber and the matrix resin. These matrix resins determine the excellent tensile strength of this high-performance material. "The matrix resin absorbs external forces and transfers it to high-strength carbon fibers." It is worth comparing with other materials, that is, those used for the sidewalls of car bodies. For example: "Using CFRP as a surface material for bodywork , It can reduce body weight by 30% to 50% and increase the tensile strength by 3-4 times compared with the use of traditional steel or aluminum metal materials.

Its material constitutes the surface of the sandwich structure as a side wall. During the production process, a layer of closed gel coat is added to the composite material, which is similar to a varnish coating. "The gel coat layer protects the material from ultraviolet rays. , to ensure the excellent weatherability of the material and its surface has a superior gloss.” In terms of color, they can directly integrate all the colors in the RAL, NCS color cards, and the colors customized according to the customer's special requirements. During the production of fiber reinforced materials, the final products provided by Lamy Road can be used directly and the performance is extremely stable. It is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

The high quality one can be used kill Caligus and sea lice, but no harm for Salmon and water, can used in fresh water and sea water. The low quality one are harm for Salmon, only used to kill fly, ants, cockroach and so on.

The application rate for this use is 0.1 to 0.2 mg/liter as a bath treatment.

The product should be keeped in well-ventilated place and free from exposure on sunshine & raining.

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