"With the advent of the 5G era, smartphones may act as remote controls and keys for a car, and can remotely control appliances such as refrigerators, computers, and lighting. Mobile phones that are transmitted over the Internet can realize its intelligent IoT." At the Expo, Card Chairman Zhao Lei shared the latest views on the development trend of smartphones. Like him, industry experts generally believe that the future of smart phones will serve as a display center and command center, playing a pivotal role in the era of artificial intelligence.
The mobile phone will become the "key" of the Internet of Things
"In the 5G era, smartphones will first have a new trend in materials." Wang Xianyu, chairman of Star Technology, said that in the future, smartphones will become larger and larger, full-screen will become mainstream; at the same time, they will be thinner and more stylish. “The full screen can be divided into LCD screen, curved glass, and 3D glass display. The current mainstream is developing towards OLED.”
Wang Xianyu said that because of the wireless charging technology and the application of 5G network, the back cover of the mobile phone will also change from metal to glass. In the future, mobile phones are likely to become "sandwich biscuits", that is, glass is in front and behind, and metal is in the middle. With the release of domestic enterprises' OLED production capacity, 3D glass is much more beautiful than 2D and 2.5D glass. In the future, 3D glass and OLED panels are expected to become mainstream. Within a year or two, the back cover 3D glass is expected to develop first.
As the next-generation mobile communication technology, the transmission rate of 5G is several tens of times higher than that of 4G. In the past, the video that was downloaded in a few minutes was downloaded in the next one second. In this context, He Gang, president of Huawei's mobile phone business, pointed out that the future will be a "fully connected" world, and smart phones will become the hub and "key" to connect the world.
He Gang said that when 5G arrives, it will first enter the new world of human-computer interaction. In the past, the Internet was a keyboard plus a mouse, and now the mobile Internet is a mobile phone screen plus touch. The future of the smart Internet will have natural voice interaction, natural gesture interaction, touchable and even no touch, each person's personalized, emotional, and intelligent, through the smart phone device to bring people visual, auditory and even emotional experience. There will be more and more connected data in the future, and there will be a fully interactive, all-virtual immersive experience around people, and the trend is around a full-scenario experience centered on mobile phones.
“Everyone has a real physical world, a digital world, and a virtual world. So what is the connection between these two worlds?” He Gang said that the future of smart phones will perfectly connect the two worlds, whether it is a virtual world or everything. The world, around the smart phone can build a more convenient life.
Display technology is constantly changing due to 5G
Sun Tiepeng, vice president of Visionox, believes that 5G will lead to new changes in the next generation of display technology.
He gave a keynote speech on the development trend of display technologies such as AMOLED, OLED display and flexible display. Sun Tiepeng pointed out that 5G will become the tipping point of the next "changing tide", and before the "changing tide" comes, it will take a lot of energy in the form and all aspects to make new products, including display technology. "AMOLED is very perfect from the side and other angles, and the current use effect has also been recognized." Sun Tiepeng said that domestic mobile phones have a lot of room for the development of AMOLED display technology. Recently, Apple lowered AMOLED expectations, Samsung built the line. The rhythm has also slowed down, which has brought a buffer period to Chinese AMOLED manufacturers. In addition, domestic mobile phones have accumulated many years of technology accumulation on OLED screens. Through short-term scale effects, the cost of the industry chain can be controlled, and the advantages of localized services are expected to develop rapidly.
"There is another change that is flexible display technology, which is a very important part of promoting the next generation of display technology." Sun Tiepeng said that flexible display allows the mobile phone to enter the "folding stage", not only bring changes to the screen, but also software, operating system, CPU and changes in hardware and materials.
"The next generation of products is curled, curling can achieve more forms than folding, and there is a better combination with the Internet of Things." Sun Tiepeng analysis, the curl screen may be like paper, which will be a deeper technology of the mobile phone screen. The future is unimaginable.

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