How do we tell if the high-pressure blower is working properly? What is our judgment criterion? I don't think many people know about this problem. Our general judgment method is that there is no noise, and the wind pressure is normal, even if it is ok.

In fact, the high-pressure fan belongs to the rotating mechanical equipment, and there are three kinds of standards for judging that the rotating mechanical equipment is normal. Which method of determining the specific equipment must be fully explored.
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Absolute judgment criterion

The detection value of the same part is absolutely judged as a reference comparison, and the determination device is in a good/attention/defective state. Absolute standards are standards that have been summarized through extensive vibration experiments, on-site vibration testing, and certain theoretical studies.

2. Relative criteria

The same part is periodically detected, and the normal vibration value is taken as the initial value, and the periodic detection value is several times the initial value, thereby judging the state of the device. When the general vibration value is twice the initial value, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring. When the low-frequency vibration increases to the initial value of 4 times, it needs to be repaired. When the high-frequency vibration is increased to the initial value of 6 times, it needs to be repaired.

3. Mutual judgment criteria

When there are multiple devices of the same kind, they can be tested under the same small (running, basic) and judged against each other.

The above is provided for Hank high pressure fans.

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