In home decoration, the aisle is used as a channel to communicate with each room. Decoration and layout are very important, and the beauty of the aisle decoration is mainly reflected in the decoration, especially the aisle ceiling decoration is more important. Next, I will introduce the precautions for aisle ceiling decoration and what kind of lamps to choose for aisle ceiling .

Precautions for aisle ceiling decoration

1. Planning the ceiling decoration

Due to the lighting, many houses need to be suspended, but planning should be done before the ceiling, mainly to avoid dissatisfaction with the effect after the aisle ceiling is installed, which is very troublesome, so planning in advance is It is very necessary.

2. Be careful not to blindly decorate the ceiling

Some people think that the ceiling can be upgraded after the decoration is completed, so blindly decorate the ceiling. In fact, the ceiling must be based on the actual situation. If the height of the house is low and the space is small, if you install the ceiling again, you will feel very depressed, which is not conducive to people living.

3. Pay attention to the height of decoration must be suitable

Before doing the aisle ceiling, you need to calculate the height of the aisle ceiling. If the floor height is 2.6-2.8 meters, you can choose a simple ceiling around, not suitable for a large area ceiling.

What kind of lamps are good for aisle ceiling

1. Downlight

It is very common to install downlights in aisle ceilings. These downlights are installed in a mosaic type, which does not occupy space, and can increase the softness of the space and highlight the romantic and warm feeling.

2. Ceiling light

It is also very good to install a ceiling light at the aisle ceiling. You can choose a simple and elegant ceiling light, which can give the space a bright and light feeling.

3. Spotlight

Installing a spotlight on the ceiling of the aisle can create a home atmosphere. The light illuminates the object, which can highlight the aesthetic effect and is the best decorative lamp in modern homes.

Editor's summary: Regarding the aisle ceiling decoration considerations and what kind of lamps to choose for the aisle ceiling are introduced here, I hope to help everyone. For more related knowledge, you can follow the information on this website.

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