Abstract 1. The five core competitiveness of machine tool powerhouses is currently recognized as a machine tool powerhouse in the world. Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the United States are ranked first. In addition, Taiwan’s position in the international machine tool industry is also prominent. Is the main engine factory, functional parts factory still...

First, the five core competitiveness of machine tools in the country

At present, the world's recognized machine tool powerhouses are ranked in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the United States. In addition, Taiwan's position in the international machine tool industry is also prominent. China's Taiwan machine tool industry is a main engine factory, a functional component factory or a supporting factory. The products produced are technically mature.


1. Research and development investment

In Germany, Japan and other high-end machine tool manufacturing countries, many companies are small, but the output value is very high. Its core competitiveness lies in R&D investment and specific positioning.

Germany's famous length measurement company, HEIDENHAIN, has spared no expense in order to improve its high-precision and reproducible product technology. In the 1990s, more than 200 million yuan was invested in a production workshop to manufacture grating masters and replica gratings. This workshop is constant temperature, with an error of plus or minus one percent, three-stage vibration isolation, and the amplitude is plus or minus one and a half nanometers. It has an atomic clock and a length transfer standard that is not available in China's National Bureau of Metrology. These conditions are among the best in the world, making it the leader in machine tool detection components. HEIDENHAIN's annual R&D expenditures account for 16% of its sales.

2. Specific positioning

German and Swiss machine tools are known for their special machines. It has high precision, low production volume and is very expensive, which is favored by various high-end customers. German companies are known for their professionalism. Every business focuses on its own domain, not on products that others have already done, and most of them represent the technical direction of their respective fields. Many of these companies have a century of technology accumulation.

One of the world's largest machine tool manufacturers, Germany's DMG company to the direction of the whole machine. They use synthetic granite to make the bed, the mounting holes are all pre-buried, the material has good shock resistance, the bed has all solid structure, high quality and good stability. Their machine bed can be rigid during machining. Machine tools must be assembled with high performance and high reliability components to ensure overall reliability.

3. Staff stability

Swiss Megler specializes in grinding machines and its core competitiveness is stability. The core components of their products are all manufactured by themselves; the process, equipment and assembly inspection procedures are unchanged for 30 years; the composition of employees is also very stable, basically over 40 years old. This guarantees long-term stability of quality. The company employs more than 100 people and has an annual output of more than 60 million euros. German experience has proven that the production of high-end components depends on long-term basic research. Some situations that are usually ignored require fine research under the requirements of high precision. For example, the analysis of friction is a complex study. Estimation of friction requires a variety of complex mathematical models. These are all at the forefront of basic research in tribology. For example, CNC machine tools need to react according to temperature to offset the effects of thermal expansion and contraction. What kind of temperature curve will be used for different materials, and the approximate model needs to be summarized from long-term experiments. This requires enterprises to have a large number of basic scientific research personnel with innovative capabilities.

4. Professional division of labor

The division of labor and cooperation in the industrial chain is an important feature brought by the modern division of labor and technology to the modern manufacturing industry. It is also an important feature of the Taiwan machine tool industry. More than 90% of Taiwan's machine tool manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in Taichung. The professional supporting capacity here is very strong, and most of the matching parts can be purchased in the region. A mainframe factory is provided by dozens or even more supporting factories. The main engine factory closely follows the development trend of modern manufacturing technology, focusing on the research and development of key core technologies, product assembly and commissioning and reliability testing, etc. The development prospects of the industry and the technical requirements of the main engine factory, specializing in R&D testing and lean production of functional components, and handing over to the mainframe factory are the finished components of the group, and the main engine factory does not need to re-process and directly assemble. The production of some components is also based on a highly socialized division of labor. The company that produces the tool magazine does not produce a tool magazine part by itself, all of which are provided by the cooperation unit. 100% inspection of the key parts after entering the factory, the test bench to the tool magazine Perform 1 million tool change tests to ensure reliable operation of the tool magazine produced on the user's hand. This industrial structure model abandons the traditional "big and complete" and "small but complete" organizational structure of the machinery industry, transforming closed industrial organizations into open collaborative relationships, each specializing in specialization and upgrading the technological added value of their products. Formed a small giant enterprise in all aspects of the industrial chain.

A machine tool often has dozens or even hundreds of supporting factories to provide matching. How to ensure the quality and delivery time? Chen Shichang, manager of Greater China, Fuyu Enterprise Co., Ltd. said that the integrity management will connect the main engine factory and the supporting factory. together. The integrity between the OEM and the supporting plant was established in the long-term cooperation. If the supporting factory cannot guarantee the quality and delivery time, it will lose its reputation and lose its market. Therefore, the supporting factory pays great attention to product quality and delivery time. Similarly, the OEM also supports the reputable supporting factories. Some of the OEMs also pay for the equipment to be used by the supporting factories. The equipments are deducted in batches in the payment to achieve mutual benefit. Such a close-knit and well-equipped industrial chain has formed a situation in which Taiwan's machine tool industry clusters are closely clustered, promoted, and developed together.

5. Highly sophisticated

In the world machine tool industry, the European machine tool industry has maintained a leading position in the world machine tool market for many years with its highly innovative, diversified and precision products. Compared with local Chinese companies, the main advantages of European machine tools are product quality, product innovation and design, and management efficiency. Especially in the industrial goods and services industry, 82% of respondents believe that the quality of products is a major competitive advantage.

DMG, Schleifring, these brands are well-known in the industry, and their products have become synonymous with high-end manufacturing. Despite the financial crisis, although some of the world's manufacturing powers, including the United States, have regarded the manufacturing industry as a sunset industry. Although there is no denying that the world manufacturing industry has a gradient transfer phenomenon, the European machine tool industry clearly does not say anything. Give up your position in the manufacturing industry. On the basis of knowing its own characteristics and adhering to its own advantages, the European machine tool industry has raised such a future for itself: “To build a European knowledge-based and competitive and growing manufacturing industry, we must protect this major industry in Europe.” At the same time, they also fully adhere to and expand their own advantages, and hope to increase the global market share to 80% in high-precision machine tool manufacturing.

Second, China's machine tool industry is mixed

China machine tool industry after 60 years of development, especially since the reform and opening up has made great progress, but on the whole "big but not strong." The market share of Chinese machine tool products, NC rate has been improving, but high-end machine tools, China has imported large amounts from abroad, especially imported from Europe.

Compared with advanced manufacturing, machine tool industry is not high quality and efficiency, innovation is not enough, not strong independent brands, to high-end, intelligent transformation is not fast. To this end, we must not only enhance our confidence, but also profoundly understand the profound changes brought about by the new industrial revolution to the development of the machine tool industry. We must profoundly understand the urgency and mission of the machine tool industry to improve quality and efficiency, transform and upgrade, and strive to implement new ideas. take advantage of new trends, new requirements are discovered, deep plowing market segments and accelerate the transition to high-end, to accelerate the transition to intelligent solutions to accelerate the transition to the system.

However, our company also has its own unique advantages, such as their production base for many years with conventional machines, along with some technical expertise in a manufacturing sector, especially the mechanical parts of the casting / forging technology precipitation technology, widely financing channels, with Enterprises with a certain traditional market share and capital accumulation can set up large enterprise groups in advance, and absorb and digest foreign relatively advanced technologies through acquisition and holding. Therefore, Chinese enterprises need to seize good development opportunities, strengthen independent innovation, improve the level of technology and industrialization, and actively explore emerging markets in order to cope with future market competition.

The report of the 19th National Congress put forward clear and specific requirements for the development of high-end manufacturing – accelerating the construction of manufacturing powers and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing. The machine tool industry is a typical cyclical industry. The development process of the ups and downs in the past few decades has worried the industry. The former Vice Minister of Machinery Industry, Shen Liechu concluded: First, in the process of standing up in China, the machine tool industry is highly responsible. It has made due contributions to the development of the national economy, but there is still a certain gap between the whole and the international level, especially the numerical control system and high-end CNC machine tools can not be produced; in the process of China's prosperity, the machine tool industry as a competitive industry Under the double impact of foreign advanced machine tool industry and market economy, the backbone machine tool factory began to differentiate. The whole industry has experienced several ups and downs, and some backbone machine tool enterprises have experienced great ups and downs. In the era of China's prosperity, the machine tool industry has several A few waves have progressed, not only the volume has increased greatly, but also the level has improved. What is gratifying is that there are professional CNC system manufacturing companies like Huazhong CNC and Guangshu, and there are also i5, such as Guangyang, Jingdiao and Shenji. Batch self-fit CNC system manufacturing base, develop together with the mainframe, Guangyang and other high-end CNC machine tools The products of the manufacturing enterprise have entered the production and use of military enterprises, forming a complete technology chain and industrial chain.

China has become the world's largest producer of machine tools, the largest consumer and the largest importer. Despite the support of the national 04 special project, a number of high-end CNC machine tools and special equipment have emerged, which have contributed to the development of the national economy, but still can not change the development of the machine tool industry and the reality of the big but not strong, obviously dragging hind legs of national economic development. The machine tool industry is in urgent need of entering a new era of China's strength, and it is flying with military equipment, high-speed rail, electrician, offshore and other industries. Don't forget the initial heart and keep in mind the mission - to be the "master craftsman" of manufacturing, to set new goals, We will start a new journey and work hard to solve the difficulties faced by the industry in terms of institutional mechanisms, personnel structure, technical reserves, development models, etc., and embark on a new journey of Nirvana rebirth, and truly play a role as a "mother machine" for China!

Third, the intelligence is more and more obvious

As the carrier of the real economy, manufacturing is the main battlefield of the real economy. Under the background of China's macroeconomic de-realization and global re-industrialization, the difficulties of the machine tool industry are even more imaginable. However, at present, intelligent products are greatly changing the shape of traditional mechanical products. Intelligent manufacturing is changing the production mode of traditional machinery industry. Remote operation and maintenance is developing day by day. Collaborative R&D and collaborative manufacturing greatly optimize resource allocation and use efficiency, even Artificial intelligence that breeds sprouts may come beyond imagination.

At present, the machinery industry presents a structural change trend: first, the industrial structure adapts to the consumption and development of the people's livelihood market; second, the product structure is developing in the direction of energy saving, emission reduction and high efficiency; thirdly, the technical structure is upgrading to digital and intelligent direction. .

The high-end shortage of the machinery industry and the low-end surplus have not changed fundamentally. On the one hand, the lack of demand is still the main difficulty; on the other hand, although the high-end and short-term developments have been made in recent years, the situation of excessive dependence on imports of high-end equipment has not fundamentally changed. Now the machinery industry still needs to import 300 billion US dollars every year. It can be seen that the contradiction of high-end shortage is very sharp. The deficit in the machine tool, instrument and automobile industry is particularly prominent.

In the five major projects deployed by “Made in China 2025”, the phenomenon of “heating” of intelligent manufacturing, “cold” of industrial strong base, and “difficulty of innovation center construction” are common in the implementation process. In the process of upgrading the machinery industry to the high-end and becoming bigger and stronger, the weak innovation ability and weak foundation are still the main constraints. However, he is also pleased to point out that the new business model and new model of the machinery industry are emerging: first, digitalization, networking, and intelligent heating; second, selling products to selling services, and service-oriented manufacturing is on the rise.

In response to the misunderstanding of intelligent manufacturing understanding, Ouyang Jinsong, director of the Institute of Mechanical and Instrumentation Integrated Technology and Economy, pointed out that it is important not to be intelligently manufactured for intelligent manufacturing, to grasp the intelligent manufacturing elements of product life cycle management, and to supplement automation and informationization. The bottleneck, unify the standard, realize the digitalization to the intelligent upgrade, and completely solve the "hollowing" problem. I hope China has Industry 4.0, not Industry 4.0 owns China!

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