Background wall stickers are a very good decorative material in wall decoration. They are easy to paste, fast and highly decorative. Different styles of background wall stickers have different decorative effects, so they are very popular among owners. So, how backdrop stickers choose? Backdrop sticker affixed to it how? Here for everyone to be a detailed explanation by the small series.

How to choose background wall stickers

1. Style matching

When purchasing background wall stickers, it is necessary to consider that the style is in harmony with the overall style of home improvement. If the home decoration adopts the Chinese style, then the background wall stickers should also choose the Chinese style, such as calligraphy and painting, seals, painting "elements" that can reflect the traditional Chinese culture for decoration and matching. If the home decoration is modern and simple, then the background wall stickers can use hand-painted or some artistic paints and some flower branches and vines to show the elegant atmosphere. Therefore, different styles of home improvement must choose corresponding background wall stickers, so that the decorative effect will be better.

2. The wall should be mixed and free of monotony

When choosing background wall stickers, choose the appropriate decoration style according to the size of the wall. If the wall area is relatively large, in order not to make the wall surface too monotonous, the background wall can be decorated with a mix and match, such as a colorful wall cloth, wallpaper to match, or a three-dimensional composition to reflect the sense of hierarchy Only in this way can the background wall stickers show a more unique style.

3. Avoid consistent colors and sudden shapes

When purchasing background wall stickers, the color must be similar to the color tone of the entire space. If the color tone of the background wall sticker is too abrupt, it will not only affect the entire decorative effect, but also affect the situation of the occupants. In general, the choice of color tone can be light green, light blue, elegant white, bright yellow, red decorated with light gold, etc. The choice of color is too deep, which will make people feel heavy and nervous. Feeling depressed.

How to paste the background wall stickers

1. First prepare the corresponding tools: such as a knife, scissors, cards, etc., and then cut the extra parts around the stickers with scissors to facilitate the paste.

2. Next, stick the transfer film on the pattern and use a card to scrape the transfer film back and forth a few times, so that the transfer film and the pattern will stick more firmly.

3. Make sure that the wall is clean before painting, and then gently tear the patterned transfer film off the backing of the pattern. If the pattern is not pasted on the transfer film, you can use a knife to assist.

4. When pasting the pattern, first stick the corner of the transfer film to the wall, and then slowly stick the transfer film with the pattern to the wall in the downward direction, and at the same time use a card on the pattern Stroke a few times repeatedly to make the stickers stick better to the wall.

5. After the stickers are pasted, the transfer film should be slowly torn off the wall. It should be noted that the patterns must not be torn off together.

Article Summary: The above content is the backdrop for a small series of stickers and choose how backdrop sticker affixed related to how to explain, we must pay more attention when buying backdrop sticker points, but also be a good skill to master paste, so Pasted stickers will be more perfect.

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