After the house has lived for a long time, no matter how good the house is, there will be some aging phenomenon on the wall surface, which not only affects the beauty of the house, but also affects the mood of the occupants, so it is necessary to repaint the wall surface at this time. . Today, let ’s take a look at how to paint old walls and the seven steps of painting old walls!

How to paint old walls 1. Clean old walls

When repainting the old wall, you should first remove and remove the floating dust and sand from the old wall. For the oil stains on the wall, it is best to remove the original coating first. After the wall is cleaned, use putty to batch scrape twice.

How to paint old walls 2. Scrape putty

It is better to choose putty with higher particle fineness and harder texture. If you feel that the putty is not hard enough, you can also add a certain amount of white latex to the putty to increase the hardness of the putty.

How to paint the old wall 3. Polish

One to two days after the putty is painted, you can polish it. It is best to use fine sandpaper when sanding the putty. If the sandpaper is too thick, it will leave a deep sand mark on the wall, even if the paint is covered. No, after the polishing, the wall must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid a lot of dust affecting the adhesion of the paint.

How to paint old walls 4. Apply primer

When applying the primer, be sure to apply evenly to ensure that every part of the wall is painted. If the wall is relatively painted, it is best to add a little water to the primer to ensure the wall. Brush evenly.

How to paint the old wall

There are some pits, the putty may not be visible after polishing, but it is very obvious after the primer is applied, so this time you need to make up the wall. The repair must be polished and smooth, and then use a little more water. Paint again.

How to paint the old wall 6, topcoat

The topcoat is the ordinary coating work, do not add too much water, otherwise it will affect the thickness, feel and hardness of the paint film. It is best to use a better tool when painting the topcoat, so that the paint film you brushed feels Only then will the touch feel delicate, so pay special attention to the corners when painting.

How to paint the old wall 7. Maintenance

The topcoat will dry after about 4 hours, but the wall does not reach a certain hardness even though the paint film has dried, so do not scrub or touch the wall within 7 to 10 days.

Editor's summary: The above is the entire content that the editor shared on how to paint the old wall and the seven steps of painting the old wall. If your home happens to need to paint the old walls, I hope this article can help you.

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