Electronic component inspection
2. Circuit appearance inspection
3. Circuit performance testing
4. Total detection after moisture-proof treatment
5. Board aging detection
6. Hardware raw material testing
7. Metal forming blank inspection
8. After hardware grinding and processing
9. Surface treatment inspection
10. Motor drive mechanism detection
11. Lock body initial installation detection
12. Lock body assembly inspection
13. Panel inspection
14. Locking electromechanical performance testing
15. Lock configuration detection
16. Locking general inspection

Urban leisure Segway, because of its convenience, it can be used in office buildings, fast-moving walkways, parks, factories, hospitals and other establishments. And be adapt to riding in the city's narrow space without worrying about how to park, because of its energy-saving and low-carbon environment, it can highlight the personal cool personality, therefore it is an excellent choice for short-distance personal transport. Free to wander in every corner of the city.

Cross country Segway, which is use of metal fender and large size, damping tire pressure vacuum off-road tire, so it has a large area of touching with the ground, ground friction and lower shaking, Because of having separated gear box, the power can be 10 times increased more than before. So the max speed can be up to 20km/h and climb the 25 degree slope. It is easy to cross the rugged, steep, pit depression, such as topography, geomorphology, and then arrived at any places which ordinary vehicles can not reach it, Drive with your mind and cross any rough places. It has three modes: beginner mode, normal mode, traction mode 8km / h (beginner mode), 20km / h (normal mode), it is easy to go uphill under traction mode.


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