According to the news on January 19th, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” Guizhou will be built into an important resource deep processing base of the country, and “Non-ferrous metals”, one of the eight major industries in Guizhou, will also focus on the topic of deep processing.
During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Guizhou will focus on eliminating backwardness and technological transformation, promoting the structural adjustment of the aluminum industry and optimizing and upgrading the industry, focusing on the development of alumina, supporting the development of electrolytic aluminum, and vigorously developing aluminum processing; The foundation is to promote the expansion of production capacity and deep processing of the titanium industry; increase integration efforts, optimize the development of deep processing of manganese metal; and actively develop processing of other non-ferrous metals such as gold and vanadium.
Strive to achieve a total output value of more than 100 billion yuan by 2015, with a cumulative investment of 100 billion yuan. It has an annual output of 4.6 million tons of alumina, 2.6 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, 1.5 million tons of aluminum processed products, 30,000 tons of sponge titanium capacity, more than 10,000 tons of titanium deep processing, and a gold production capacity of 16 tons per year, increasing gold reserves by 80- 100 tons; electrolytic manganese metal 500,000 tons.
Focus on the construction of Guiyang Aluminum Deep Processing and Zunyi Aluminum and Titanium Deep Processing Base, and actively promote the construction of Guiyang-Anshun-Zunyi Aviation Aluminum and Titanium Strip Processing Project. Implementation of high-performance aluminum alloy material industrialization in Guizhou Aluminum Plant, Guizhou Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. 6 million/year automobile aluminum alloy wheel industrialization, China Aluminum Corporation 200,000 tons/year aluminum plate with foil, Guangdong Feng Aluminum Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. annual production of 100,000 tons of aluminum alloy material processing, Jiangsu Dajin Group LED aluminum alloy support frame, Nantong Huaheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 800,000 sets of engine parts, Guizhou Liupanshui Shuangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. 100,000 tons /Aluminum sheet with foil processing and other aluminum deep processing and Zunyi Titanium Co., Ltd. high-purity titanium, high-titanium iron and other titanium deep processing projects.
The metal manganese is concentrated in the layout of Tongren, moderately distributed in the southeast of Guizhou, and a small amount of layout is in Zunyi, which promotes the rational allocation of production factors in space and forms a reasonable regional development pattern. Encourage the implementation of metal manganese energy-saving and emission reduction technology transformation, eliminate backward production capacity and extend the industrial chain.
Accelerate the development of the gold industry. We will increase the development of gold resources in southwestern Guizhou, and strive to make breakthroughs in the exploration of gold resources in the southeastern Yunnan, Tongren, Anshun, and Liupanshui areas, promote the construction of gold production bases in southwestern Yunnan, and promote large-scale production in southeastern Guizhou and southern Anhui.

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