The 490-17 insert expands the range of machinable applications, including heavy-duty milling roughing, small-angle shoulder milling, stainless steel milling, titanium alloys, superalloys or hardened alloy steel milling. All new inserts maintain the light-cutting characteristics of the double-sided spiral blade, while increasing the surface coating of the SUMO technology blade, reducing the friction of the chip on the blade surface and increasing the blade life by an average of 30%. All blades can be mounted on The existing HELIDO 490-17 standard cutter body. At the same time, all new inserts retain the original edge form of the HELIDO 490 and add the FEEDMILL high-speed feed edge form.

The new inserts are available in three versions: 0.4mm nose angle inserts; sharp edge inserts for high speed feed roughing or plunge milling for a wide range of workpiece materials; and enhanced edge inserts for heavy duty Machining milling, interrupted cutting or other unstable cutting). Details are as follows:

(1)H490 ANKX

170604PNTR blade: the blade tip angle is 0.4mm, the extended HELIDO blade tip angle is from 2.4~0.4mm, and the coating material IC330 and IC830 are currently used.

(2) H490 ANCX

1706R15T-FF insert: Contains two ground cutting edges for high-speed feed milling of stainless steel, titanium alloys and super alloys. Currently coated with IC330 and IC830, the insert can also be used for plunge milling to reduce radial cutting forces.

(3) H490 ANKX

1706PNTR-RM insert: Reinforced, negative chamfered edge design for heavy roughing, interrupted cutting or milling hardened steel. In the test of square shoulder milling AISI 304L, the life of the standard HELIDO blade is increased by 60%. Currently, the coating materials IC330 and IC830 are used.

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