Faenza sanitary ware is owned by Faun Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. It is a manufacturer of sanitary ware that integrates design, development, production and sales. So, Faenza sanitary ware products are good or not? What is the price of Faenza sanitary ware ? Below, we will come together to get a detailed understanding of it!

First, Faenza sanitary products are good

1, quality

With advanced production equipment from Italy and production according to EU standards, the product quality and appearance are guaranteed to a high standard. At present, it has passed the inspection of national ceramics quality supervision, and obtained China's environmental standard products, China's water-saving products and other certifications. .

2, design

The company attaches great importance to the artistry of the products and also incorporates ergonomic design into the products. It is committed to providing consumers with a comfortable and elegant bathroom space, so that the characteristics of the bathroom become more prominent and more humane.

3, products

For three consecutive years, the sanitary ware has won the "China Cotton Award" which represents the highest level of China's industrial design. At the same time, the "Gone with the Wind" series was launched, followed by the creation of the classic luxury "Drill" series, with exquisite corners and smooth lines, which perfectly represented the cut surface of the diamond.

4, after-sale service

To provide customers with comprehensive and meticulous service, extending customer satisfaction to every aspect of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and winning praise from consumers for their excellent product quality, unique design style and considerate service system. .

Second, the bathroom price is how much

1, toilet: bathroom water saving one-piece toilet FB1668 reference price: 898 yuan; bathroom toilet FB1683 reference price: 999 yuan; bathroom jet siphon water saving toilet FB1691 reference price: 1158 yuan.

2. Bathtub: Five-piece bathtub FW013Q Reference price: 4,000 yuan; Acrylic bathtub F032 Reference price: 3202 yuan; Jacuzzi FC030ZQ/YQ Reference price: 13,386 yuan; Bathtub 1.5 meters double skirt bath F1502Q Reference price: 2180 yuan; 1.5 Meter 1.6 meters cast iron bathtub reference price: 1,200 yuan.

3, bathroom cabinet: FP4659/FPG4659-A reference price: 1199 yuan; FPGM52142 reference price: 1288 yuan; PVC bathroom cabinet FP3685/FPG3685 reference price: 1609 yuan; PVC bathroom cabinet FP-4692/FPG-4692 reference price: 1580 yuan ; bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet combination reference price: 1888 yuan

4, wash basin: bathroom ceramic wash basin reference price: 168 yuan; art basin FP4629 reference price: 340 yuan; triangular basin reference price: 255 yuan;

5, shower: bathroom three functions lifting shower F2M8181SC reference price: 799 yuan; bathroom copper chrome-plated bright square square shower F3M9005C reference price: 898 yuan; F2M8181SC shower shower reference price: 1440 yuan;

6, other bathroom: bathroom kitchen faucet F5A1313C reference price: 354 yuan; bathroom pedestal basin FP3601 reference price: 888 yuan; bathroom sink double trough sink FGP817 reference price: 998 yuan.

Xiao Bian summary: Faenza sanitary ware product introduction and price introduction, the above content Xiaobian has been introduced in full, provided for reference, the price is based on the price provided by the current business, this price comes from the network there is a certain difference. Finally, I hope that the content of this article can help everyone.

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