In the busy season of home improvement, decorating the house is not an easy task. For those who first renovated it, they did not understand the steps and details of the renovation. They accidentally touched the minefield. So what are the home improvement minefields? The following article will share these questions with you and look forward to helping your friends who are about to start work.

What are the areas of mine renovation?

There are many aspects that you need to pay attention to when you decorate your new home. If you are not careful, you may have violated minefields. Therefore, it is still necessary to know in advance. Hydropower construction is a covert project in home improvement. Once problems arise, they will suffer endless problems. Therefore, we must buy a safe and reliable wire, so be sure to use copper wire, avoid using aluminum wire. Many home renovations bought aluminum wire, which caused a few fires.

What are the two housing renovation mine areas?

Some owners are not satisfied with the original room type and they will subject the house to a major transformation. The reform of the main body is not impossible, but it must not be found in the bearing wall. To know that casually bearing the load-bearing wall can reduce house safety and shock-proof coefficient seconds to make your new home become dangerous. Of course, the non-load-bearing wall is not what you want to be able to err on the sidelines. Therefore, it is not arbitrarily done similar to piercing a hole in a wall, removing a balcony to connect a wall, expanding the size of an existing door or window, or building another door or window.

What are the three areas of mine renovation?

In addition, everyone should pay attention when they are in their homes to not destroy the reinforcement in the wall. The importance of reinforcing steel is just like the importance of the cheekbones to a person. If the steel is damaged when laying pipelines, it will affect the bearing capacity of the walls and floors. In the event of an earthquake, such walls and floors can easily collapse or break.

What are the four areas of the mine

The bathroom is a special area in the home. If this area is not decorated, it will have a lot of impact on the future life. If you have damaged the waterproof layer during construction, you may need to re-waterproof, and you must do "24-hour seepage test", that is, in the kitchen or bathroom, if you do not see leakage after 24 hours.

What are the five areas in the home improvement minefield?

Lighting decoration for home decoration can not be ignored, a gorgeous lighting can enhance the level of new homes. However, not all living rooms are suitable for the installation of luxury chandelier. Before the purchase of luminaires, we must first assess the loading capacity of the ceiling. It is suggested that everybody must install a matching hook when installing at home, and the hook must be able to withstand 4 times the weight of the chandelier before it is safe.

The above is about the home furnishing mines and what are the five minefields that can't be violated. Let's give you a reference! Everyone in the renovation must avoid the above minefields in order to decorate their safe and environmentally friendly homes. If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will provide more exciting content for everyone.

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