Buying a house and installing a new house are all major events in life. For office workers, the decoration is usually handled by the decoration company . Therefore, decoration company's good or bad is particularly important. If you choose a bad decoration company, it will be troublesome. Then how should we choose a qualified decoration company? Next, we will introduce Shanghai decoration company and how to choose a qualified decoration company .

What are Shanghai Decoration Company

1, Tongji home decoration

Tongji Home Decoration was founded in January 1995. After years of development, it has set an example of excellent reputation in the industry. Whether from the construction or design, it has done impeccable.

2, C + creative space

It is affiliated with Shanghai Yixian Construction Co., Ltd. and is currently in an accelerated development stage. Its soft-packing collocation center is also booming. Up until now, many designs and constructions have been approved by the majority of owners. In general, this is a very professional decoration company.

3, Long Xiang space design

Founded on March 18, 2003, it sailed on the banks of the Huangpu River and became a Shanghai-based interior design franchise. As of the end of December 2012, there were 2,000 service owners, leading the industry in Shanghai. With a good reputation and excellent performance, it won the 7th China Interior Design Star Competition East China Division Finals Excellence Award.

4, Jinling design decoration

Founded in 2000, since its establishment, it has continuously introduced talents from all aspects and established a complete set of strict quality management system. With the advantages of high-level technicians, brand-name high-quality materials and advanced management experience, we wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality services.

5, T6 international design

Founded in 1994 and joined the Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association in the same year, it was subsequently named Shanghai Green Home Eco-friendly Enterprise, focusing on the environmental protection of home improvement, and was named Shanghai Green Health Decoration Designation Inspection Company.

How to choose a qualified decoration company

First, decoration company level

Look at the decoration company's level, the best choice for a big name, the overall scale, the national chain decoration company.

Second, office space

To choose a decoration company, visit the door. Entering the company's office, there are some nuances to see the company's strength. For example: office space and area, rental companies that rent high-end office buildings or individual buildings can provide perfect services. The company’s employees are numerous and need more office space, which better reflects the strength of the company.

Third, the window reflecting the construction quality among the templates

Before choosing a decoration company, first look at the company's showroom. Mainly look at the construction quality, not the design ideas step by step, in the details you need to pay special attention.

Fourth, designers reflect the strength of the company

When you enter a decoration company, most of the people who come into contact with you are designers. From the designer's financial resources, look at the strength of the decoration company. Strong companies can afford good designers.

Fifth, qualification

Excellent decoration company has a good qualification and a certain scale, can let the decoration company show a qualification certificate.

Editor's summary: The above is the Shanghai decoration company which and how to choose a qualified decoration company's relevant knowledge, choose to decorate the company must be cautious, understand their word of mouth value, decoration offer, specific decoration matters, service attitude, comprehensive comparison, find Reputable decoration company.

Decoration company

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