Due to the improvement of people's economic level, people's demands for housing have also risen. They are also dissatisfied with the current renovation. Then there is a re-decoration, so that the renovation of home improvement hydropower is also necessary. How about the price of the transformation? If you are not very familiar with it, then let's take a look at the price of home improvement hydropower with the Xiaobian of the decoration home network.


First, what is the price of home improvement hydropower transformation materials?

1. Water construction fee

Water pipe renovation (PP-R pipe) unit price of 38-46 yuan per meter

Drainage pipe renovation (50 and below pipe diameter) unit price 50-80 yuan per meter

Valve diameter 20mm each unit price 65 yuan, 25mm each unit price 80 yuan

The excavation of the bathroom deposit is 60 yuan per square meter.

2, circuit transformation price

The 2.5mm2 high-power transformation is 23 yuan per meter.

4mm2 strong electricity transformation of 28 yuan per meter,

The 6mm2 high-power transformation has a unit price of 38 yuan per meter, and the original tube through-wall wire has a unit price of 18 yuan per meter.

The cassettes range from 5-15 yuan each.

The wall is punched for 10-30 yuan.

TV lines, telephone lines, and network cables are around 20 yuan per meter.

Switch socket 100-200 yuan interval.

3. List price of hydropower transformation materials

Water: PPR water pipes, triangle valves, etc.

Electricity: wire (including network cable, telephone line), wire accessories (wire tube, tee, cassette, etc.), switches, sockets, etc.;

Concealed pipe: 28 yuan / m, material PVC dark pipe includes: weak wire and conduit, both are PVC material. Among them, hard flame retardant electrician tube diameter D16 line tube 3 weak electricity (telephone, TV network cable) separate tube, switch socket bottom box 86 type 10 yuan / one; 118 type 15 yuan / piece, install 16 way information integration box plus 160 yuan / set, after which plaster or cement mortar should be filled to ensure the concealment of concealed works.

Strong electric concealed: 35 yuan / m, material PVC flame retardant


Second, how to control the price of home improvement hydropower

1. Strict budget for comparison drawings

Before signing the decoration contract, the designer is required to present the water circuit transformation drawings, and strictly calculate the number of possible telephone line transformation, power socket transformation, switch panel transformation, waterway reconstruction, cable TV line transformation, and network cable transformation according to the drawings, and calculate Reasonable fees, to avoid excessive costs. At the time of the delivery, the location of the hydropower needs to be confirmed at the scene. It is best to record the direction of the lines and water pipes with photos or videos. The original developer will be equipped with some sockets, and decide whether to replace them in advance. If they do not replace them, they must take care of them if they are dismantled. Otherwise, they will not know who is damaged and need to buy them again.

Where to place the lights in each room must be determined first; the kitchen should have more power outlets; pre-designed air conditioning installation, whether it is a cabinet or hang up, in order to determine the location of the socket; to reserve a lamp, bath, kitchen Flue position and future inspection port; if there is a surround speaker, reserve the exit of the audio cable opposite the living room TV wall for the final placement of the surround speakers; the bathroom should be provided with the water outlet of the washable mop, if possible, you can buy a mop pool. The whole cabinet is best determined before the start of construction, which is convenient for determining the transformation of water pipes and gas pipes in the future. Before starting work, the worker should be allowed to determine the wall distance between the toilet and the wash basin so that there is sufficient time to choose the right bathroom.

2. Mid-term acceptance to avoid rework

For example, the waterproofing of the kitchen and the bathroom, and the buried water and electricity pipelines of the ground. If the waterproofing of the floor tiles is found to be unqualified, the wires and wires are not connected, the plumbing pipes are blocked or leaking, they can only be reworked. It is best not to use a deep water seal to drain the Floor Drain of the washing machine, because the water is too slow to meet the needs of the washing machine. Strong and weak wires cannot be in the same pipe and there will be interference. The concealed wire tube should be fixed firmly, otherwise the wall surface will be cracked easily. The cost of water and electricity renovation is higher than that of the decoration company. Most of them are due to the fact that at the beginning of the quotation, the decoration company will say that the cost of water and electricity renovation is based on the actual amount. The quotation is only a rough estimate. It is the decoration company to let the decoration owners choose them. Most likely, the price will be very low.

3. Preparation before construction

Before the construction of new house hydropower, consumers can first conduct insulation test on the original wire. If the test has no problem and the wire diameter meets the requirements, it can be replaced. Consumers should not be convinced that some decorative company construction personnel "developers use inferior wires, easy to leak electricity" and other words, or to make their own judgment.

The price of home improvement to renovate hydropower is also known to everyone through the introduction of Xiaobian, but the price is different from place to place, and the style of each home decoration is different, so the materials are different. The price control is different. I hope that the introduction of Xiaobian can help everyone. If you want to know more about the decoration information, you will continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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