Artificial stone mesa generally refers to a method by manual stirring, mineral material and some inorganic materials plus mixing an organic binder, shaping, drying, cutting, polishing processing of a certain strength, color of the artificial stone, The artificial stone can be processed into the cabinet countertops as required. It has rich colors, good plasticity, truly seamless splicing, strong repairability, easy cleaning, no radiation, and economical benefits. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone kitchen countertops? How to buy artificial stone kitchen countertops ? Today, Home Furnishing Network Xiaobian will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of artificial stone kitchen countertops.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Cabinet Stone Countertops

(A), good processing performance:

The countertops that form the kitchen and bathroom are aesthetically pleasing. Artificial stone cannot be replaced. The processability that can be homogeneously bonded to the same color and is virtually seamless, is that materials such as natural marble and quartz cannot

Anti-infiltration practicality: artificial stone, also known as polymer materials, corrosion resistance of the cabinet, anti-infiltration performance, more suitable for cabinet countertops, favored by unreasonable. (It is precisely the defects of natural marble).

There is no radiation concern: Compared to natural marble and artificial stone, there is no radiation and no adverse effects on the human body.

Bright and rich color: rich and varied colors, large choices, is conducive to the designer mix and match to meet the individual needs

(b), shortcomings:

Does not have resistance: artificial stone of any material, between 58 and 62 Brinell hardness, can not stand the metal and other sharp objects, including "strokes." (can be re-polished to remedy)


Artificial stone countertops to buy

Whether it is acrylic stone or quartz stone, the material composition determines the quality, not quartz stone is better than artificial stone. Like the acrylic stone, the quartz stone market is also mixed. When users purchase stone, they should compare manufacturers and product components as much as possible. Try to ask the seller to show the product test report and after-sales vouchers.

Look at the appearance: first look at whether the surface particle color is uniform. If you observe particles to see if you can see the next layer of particles vaguely, the clearer the better. Secondly, look at the side: if there are bubbles on the side of the kanban, if there is, it means that the quality ratio is low, and a good sheet should be free of bubbles. The so-called solid surface material means that there are no micro-bubbles in the product, and both the front and back surfaces are solid materials with high density, and have excellent physical and chemical properties. If the product cannot achieve the purpose of eliminating air bubbles inside the product, this product cannot be called. For solid surface materials, quality is naturally impossible to talk about.

Look at the thickness: The standard thickness of artificial stone should be 12.7mm thick, and even 10mm of quality can not reach (but some brands of artificial stone is not this standard).

Look at the cutting piece: The small slice (2mm thickness) cut by the worker when installed on site to see if there is elasticity, the better the elasticity and toughness, the better the quality, the higher the price. (Artificial stone contains resin in its composition. The content of the resin directly affects its cost and price, and it smells plastic when cut)

Look glue: big brand artificial stone has a special installation of glue, glue water marked.

Look at the back of the security: the back of the big brand artificial stone security is printed with a spray code, the general low-priced board is used on the chapter "cover".

The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of the countertops of man-made stone cabinets . I believe we all know what they have learned. Finally, the furniture network Xiaobian reminds friends that when choosing artificial stone kitchen countertops, we must pay attention to doing a good job of maintenance, so as to improve the service life of artificial stone kitchen countertops.

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