Do not know if you have encountered home wood furniture damage, then abandoned their favorite furniture and left behind, leaving will affect the family's beauty, and solid wood furniture itself is valuable, replacement furniture is not a small Overhead, if there is any way to refurbish the furniture, it will not save a big fee. So how to refurbish the solid wood furniture ? Omido Home Furnishings teaches you how to refurbish solid wood furniture .


Small damage refurbishment skills

First, scratches are the most common problems on solid wood furniture. They are also the main reason why wood furniture becomes mottled. When we find scratches on the surface of solid wood furniture, we can coat a layer of cod liver oil on the surface and wipe it after one day. Just fine, easy and convenient.

Second, the dent in the solid wood furniture at home, you can wipe the dent with a damp cloth at first, after a while to see if it swells due to water absorption, if there is no change, you can put a damp cloth on the furniture, and then iron with a low temperature, so that The inflated area is swelled and then smoothed with fine sandpaper.

Third, the paint peels off to make the furniture become mottled. At this time, the most effective wood furniture refurbishing technique is to use half a glass of water plus 1/4 of vinegar, or use alcohol, toilet water, and tea, and pound it on a soft cloth. Wipe one or two times, then wipe the floor wax again to restore the brilliance of the wooden furniture.


Big renovation skills

If your furniture is seriously damaged and requires a large area of ​​treatment, try not to try the following:

First, to the old furniture homemade soft pack, using a soft sofa for many years, the most suitable method to use the fabric cover to decorate the second degree. Sitting on a hard wooden chair to search for dogs, you can also use fabrics to carry out "soft packs."

Second, the old furniture renovation stickers, the Internet's best-selling "furniture renovation stickers", made of PVC plastic, variety, color is very rich, easy to paste, and can be used to clean water, is widely used in home decoration wallpaper. After the sticker is affixed to the surface of the table, the focus will be on the decoration of the home net, and there will be no phenomenon of flanging. This sticker can be peeled off with a little heat from the hair dryer and it is not easy to replace it.

Third, the old furniture repainting, re-painting is undoubtedly the easiest way people think of refurbishing methods. Especially for solid wood furniture is very suitable for repainting.

Only a few tricks are needed, which can save the family a lot of money, but also make the family become beautiful again. Why not do it, how do you learn how to refurbish solid wood furniture ? To learn more about furniture, pay more attention to the GO Home Information Channel.

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